Rear Blade 35 Series 12' & 14' Blade

Rear Blade 35 Series 12' & 14' Blade

Product Information

Designed for shaping ground around your property, or for installing landscaping, you can choose from four series and 10 models to suit your needs. The 10, 15 & 25 Series are available in hydraulic or manual adjustable swing and pivot. The 35 Series is only available in hydraulic adjustable swing and pivot.

All of our Rear Blade series can swing the blade around 180° for backfilling, clearing debris, moving material or snow removal. Each Rear Blade features dual sided cutting edges on the blade and when reversed doubles the life of the cutting edge.

Our rugged, reliable Porter’s Welding Rear Blades are constructed of high-quality materials to insure long lasting performance when leveling, land grading, or backfilling.


  • Heavy Duty CAT II-III Hitch
  • Mainframe Swing
  • Moleboard Angle & moleboard tilt
  • Blade can be offset up to 37”
  • 4” Solid Kingpin
  • 1/2” x 6 Curved Blade
  • Hydraulic Adjustment
  • Made In The USA


  • Gauge Wheels (single or dual)
  • End Plates
  • Skid Shoes

Dual Gauge Wheels

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Model# PRB3512 PRB3514
Blade Width 12 Foot 14 Foot"
Moleboard Width 144" 168"
Moleboard Dimension ½”x18” ½”x18”
Cutting Edge ½”x6 Curved ½”x6 Curved
Support Stand Standard Standard
Max HP 300 HP 250 HP
King Pin Diameter 4½" 4½"
Adjustment Type Hydraulic Hydraulic
Offset (Max Left or Right) 37" 37"

up to 45 degrees
up to 45 degrees

up to 45 degrees
up to 45 degrees
Tilt: Up & Down up to 15 degrees up to 15 degrees
# of No-Wrench Adjust 26 26
Approx Weight 3,450 lbs. 3,600 lbs.