Standard 3 Point Ripper With Hydraulic Reset

Standard 3 Point Ripper With Hydraulic Reset

Product Information

Porter’s Welding Rippers breaks up tightly compacted soil to allow better drainage and plant roots to move freely into the subsoil for enhanced growth. The staggard shank layout provides for better trash flow.

Features a frame constructed out of 7x5 tubing, a heavy-duty CAT III & IV hitch along with adjustable steel gauge wheels. The high carbon steel shanks are 34” long by 1-1/4” thick that comes with replaceable chrome points and shear pins protection. The shanks are protected by the hydraulic reset.


  • Frame constructed out of 5x7 tubing
  • ‘L’ type design, 1-1/4” x 34” high carbon steel shank
  • Shear protection with the use of special machined grooved shear bolts
  • 3pt quick attach narrow hitch Cat. III & IV
  • Dual gauge 10”x30” steel wheels
  • Staggered ripper layout for better trash flow
  • Acme thread turnbuckles
  • Replaceable chrome points


  • Replaceable Shank chrome shin guards
  • Bolt-On AR400 Shank side plates
  • Weld-On AR400 Shank side plates
  • Add-On Shank
Bolt-On Side Plates
Weld-On Side Plates
Add-On Shank
Add-On Shank
7 Shank Rear Hitch
7 Shank Rear Tower
5 Shank Rear Hitch
5 Shank Rear Tower

Parts Book

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Model # # of Shanks Shank Spacing Shank Size
S53430HR 5 30" 1-1/4" x 34"
S73430HR 7 30" 1-1/4" x 34"