Standard 3 Point Ripper With Hydraulic Reset

Standard 3 Point Ripper With Hydraulic Reset

Product Information


  • Frame constructed out of 5x7 tubing
  • ‘L’ type design, 1-1/4” x 34” carbon steel shank
  • Shear protection with the use of special machine grooved shear bolts
  • 3pt quick attach narrow hitch Cat. III & IV
  • Dual gauge wheels with rubber tires or 10”x30” steel wheels
  • Staggered ripper layout for better trash flow
  • Acme thread turnbuckles
  • AR400 Side plates
  • Accumulator provides reset for each shank
  • Optional replaceable chrome shin guards and chrome points
  • Optional Rear Hitch
  • Optional Add-On Shank


Add-On Shank
Add-On Shank


Model # # of Shanks Shank Spacing Shank Size
PSR73624HR 7 24" 1-1/4" x 34"