Basket / Blade Ring Roller 16', 18' & 20'

Basket / Blade Ring Roller 16', 18' & 20'

Product Information

The Porter’s BRR can be specified with either Blade or Basket reels on the leading edge. The frame and the reels are bolted together providing for easy transport and replacement for wear parts. The frame is lightweight and strong due to the engineered design and welding. There is an adjustable tongue for changing pivot radius featuring a heavy duty ring that allows for easy hook up. The transport wheels allow for movement between fields.

The BRR is a dual purpose roller featuring a walking beam that allows for less ground pressure on the rear ring rollers which is great for light or sandy soil as the ring rollers will not sink into soft ground.

The front of the walking beam can be specified with ether Blades or Basket reels. The spiral AR400 blade reels mulch, levels and fluffs the soil ahead of the ring rollers. The basket reels pack and even the soil ahead of the ring rollers. The ring roller in the back, packs and breaks up clods.

The Porter’s BRR provides a more uniform seed bed and will be the most versatile and used tillage tool on the farm.


  • Available in baskets or blades
  • Ring Rollers can be used for packing or tilling
  • Made In The USA

Each ring roller width is available in the following setup:

14" roller tube with 16/22 rings

16/22, 14/20 or 12/16 rings

Ring flop is between Ring ID and Tube OD

Ring orientation for packing or tilling