Heavy Duty Rice Ridger

Heavy Duty Rice Ridger

Product Information

Porter's Heavy Duty Rice Ridger features a heavy duty frame and is hydraculically adjustable to form ridge width and height.


  • 8X 32” x 3/8 Notched Blades
  • 14” Spacing with Heavy Duty Spacers
  • 2-1/8” Round High Carbon Axles
  • Heavy Duty Tapered Bearings
  • Adjusting Screws for Height
  • 2X 4”x6” Hydraulic Cylinders with Hoses for Tilt
  • 2X 3-1/2”x 16" Hydraulic Cylinders with Hoses for Width
  • Reversible for knocking Down Berms
  • Adjustable Mud Scrapers
  • Quick Hitch same as Rippers
  • Parking Stand
  • Made In The USA


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